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Originally aired
December 6, 2022

Changemaker Channel: Brandi Tuck, Executive Director of Path Home

Understanding the root cause of homelessness and how trauma-informed design helps families get back into housing

Path Home (formerly Portland Homeless Family Solutions) works to empower families experiencing homelessness to get back into housing — and stay there. In this Changemaker Channel fireside chat, Brandi Tuck, Executive Director of Path Home, gives a deeper look into:

  • Then and now: reasons for Path Home's recent name change
  • The root cause of homelessness and how it impacts Portland
  • How trauma-informed care and design transforms the path back to housing
  • What you can do to help families experiencing homelessness
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Brandi Tuck
Brandi Tuck
Executive Director, Path Home
Guest speaker
Brandi Tuck
Kiersten Ware
VP of Market Development, Field Day

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